3 Reasons Why I Love Being an eaHELP Client

By yellowleaf

April 24, 2013


Today is Administrative Professionals Day. Did you know that? I was unaware until I had an executive assistant begin working for me and then you just have to start knowing things like that. Actually, my beautiful wife reminded me. So, Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

A few months ago, my wife and I attended Michael Hyatt and Ken Davis’s Platform Conference in Nashville. It was like drinking from a fire hydrant of leadership and platform-building awesomeness. Michael mentioned in a couple of his sessions about the success of his working relationship with his executive assistant. I’d read a previous blog post of his about eaHELP and the importance of a virtual assistant, but I’d always just skimmed by, not thinking it would be the right fit for me. But something clicked for me during the conference. He mentioned that his “EA” books all travel, syncs calendars, sets up productivity systems, makes phone calls to clients, email management and on and on and on. Everything he mentioned was something that I desperately needed help with.

Long story short, a few weeks after we got back to Tampa from the conference, I filled out an application on eaHELP.com to learn more about becoming a client. The process picked up from there and it has been wonderful ever since.

In this post, I just want to paint a picture for you of why I love being an eaHELP client. This is only my experience, but I have to think that most eaHELP clients have a similar story to tell.

1. eaHELP operates with the leader’s success in mind

I went through an in-depth matching process to in order to be placed with just the right executive assistant. They didn’t just pull the next available person for the job. I filled out a series of documents that asked great questions. I came to find out that my assistant, Caroline, was asked to do the same thing. After my recorded phone conversation with the eaHELP team, they would gather and listen to the phone call again and start building out the criteria and profile of the “EA” that would fit me and my company the best. It’s refreshing to work with a “smart” company – not just a company who tries to get things done quickly, but one that takes time and puts a plan in place that will wow their clients

2. eaHELP hires very well

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when this all started, but I did have a good amount of confidence in “who” my EA would be after walking through this matching process. Bottom line: Caroline is really, really good at what she does. I’ve looked around at some reviews of eaHELP and other client testimonies and everyone is saying the same thing about their EA. Bryan and Shannon at eaHELP take their hiring process very seriously and make sure that they are hiring competent, quick-learning, others-centered, hard-working folks who love details and thrive on getting the job done the right way. This has been my experience in working with Caroline. It doesn’t matter that she is three states away. She gets the job done, serves our clients well and is a great reflection of the Yellow Leaf Marketing brand.

3. eaHELP gets it. Period.

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Bryan Miles, eaHELP’s CEO and Co-Founder, a little more since bringing Caroline on board and believe me when I tell you that he gets it. He understands that in order to grow, you must serve. In order to succeed, you must submit. In order to lead, you must follow. All of these traits are reflected in every person person I’ve had the opportunity to talk to from eaHELP. This is the type of like-minded company that I am proud to hitch my Yellow Leaf Marketing wagon to.

I hope this has been helpful for you to get a behind-the-scenes look at what a virtual assistant relationship could look like. Since hiring Caroline and eaHELP, our productivity and service quality to our clients has skyrocketed and for that I am very grateful. If you are on the fence about a decision like this, I’m here to tell you, look no further than eaHELP.

A few helpful eaHELP resources:

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