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The most engaging brands online are those who put a higher priority on giving rather than receiving. These brands know that true generosity leads to healthy, long-term relationships. When it comes to digital strategy our philosophy has always been rooted in creating real relationships between like-minded people. Let’s work together to turn your digital presence into not only a lead-generator, but a relationship-generator.

We knew digital marketing should be an important part of our overall business develop strategy, but we weren’t really sure how to incorporate the rapidly evolving technologies and best practices involved into our business. Besides being great at actually getting things done, the real value Yellow Leaf added for us was understanding how these efforts could drive actual revenue for our business – which is where a lot of marketing firms miss the mark.

James Darnell, KLH Capital

digital foundations

A wise man once said, “Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.” These services are offered independently of each other, but can also be implemented as a 3-step process.

Company Digital Audit

An audit of your {or your competitors'} digital footprint that dives deep into branding, content publishing and audience demographics. This will make what is and isn’t working crystal clear for you. A checklist of action items based on the audit findings will make the work that needs to get done...well, done.

Content Marketing Strategy

Do you find yourself asking, “What should I post?” week in and week out? We know... the struggle is real and ain’t nobody got time for that. We’ll provide steady streams of content for your brand that keep your followers coming back for more because your content will have the answers to what they’re looking for.

Digital Strategic Plan

Sometimes you just have to start from scratch. We all know that when you make something from scratch it’s always going to be better than the alternative if you’ll just take the time to trust the process. The same is true of your digital strategy. If you’re tired of not getting the results you’re looking for then maybe it’s time to scrap what you’re doing and start from scratch.

email marketing

Your Email Marketing should be a close conversation with your best friends and followers. This means sharing the most intimate details, happenings, and offers in the life of your business with these folks first. We can help make this a reality for your business through one of the following service packages.

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social marketing

Content Development

You're busy. Copywriting and creating valuable content takes time. Let us take the lead on this, so you're freed up to focus on other objectives.

Platform Reboot

Like that old classic novel that is collecting dust on your bookshelf, sometimes your social accounts don’t get the proper love they deserve and they quickly become dated. Let’s bring them back to life.

Social Reach & Advertising

Advertising, post boosting and promoted tweets/accounts have changed the way content is discovered and shared. An advertising and reach strategy is a must to help you reach your business goals.

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